Work­ing third shift is a pain. You get tired real easy, the nights can seem to drag on forever…

But it helps when you have great co-work­ers that can make you laugh, and I mean laugh HARD!

Tonight for instance.

Our project sched­uler’s (a.k.a. COPS) print­er was down. So they had to one that is by me, that I use.

So I had just print­ed some­thing out, and so did our one COPS. I go over to col­lect my print outs and I notice all this white blank paper get­ting print­ed out. I ask her if she intend­ed on print­ing out blank white paper…she was all like, “ummm…no…”, so I can­cel the print job from the print­er (not notic­ing it is ask­ing for con­fir­ma­tion to can­cel, as I walk away)

She come over and we see that along one mar­gin of all the sheets is junk text. So obvi­ous­ly an error is going on.

I go over to look at her machine to make sure the print­er was set­up cor­rect­ly. (It was for the most part) and print a test sheet.

Well, I walk over and notice noth­ing is print­ing. I look at the screen, con­firm the can­cel order and more of her orig­i­nal job prints out, but cor­rect­ly. No Junk text.

I holler over to her, “Hey, maybe its work­ing now, the rest of your job is print­ing. I don’t know what all that white stuff was…”

I then stop dead in my  tracks and go, “Wow…that sound­ed real­ly bad.” (I had mean all that white paper)

She starts laugh­ing, and then states, “Its a good thing you caught that first, cause I was about to say ‘maybe it’s your white stuff’…” (mean­ing my print job).

We were laugh­ing so hard, my cheeks hurt.

Thanks Amy for a fun­ny night.

(I know, iron­ic that she shares the same name as my wife. Fun­ny Sto­ry: Its been known to give me com­pli­cat­ed jobs or rush jobs at work, and usu­al­ly Amy hands them to me. I’m kin­da her “bitch”, in that sense. I’ve told her in the past that I have just learned, to keep things sim­ple, to do what­ev­er any woman named Amy tells me to…)

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