I have to say, that being on the Light­bringer serv­er in World of War­craft, I have seen more dun­geon con­tent than I ever had on Khadgar.

That being said, yes­ter­day the guys (Aram and Ryl­tar) took me on whirl­wind tour of Tem­pest Keep from the Burn­ing Cru­sade Expan­sion as well as the Durn­holme Keep and Black Morass instance from the Cav­erns of Time. They need­ed the Achieve­ments and well, so did I, but I just want­ed to see it. They also had to fin­ish up some key quests for Kharazan as well.

So we 3‑manned it. I have to admit that they were some beau­ti­ful­ly craft­ed dun­geons. So much to see!

Black Morass-Cav­erns of Time

The Cav­erns of Time instances are very cool because you get to see a few places that you lev­eled up in, before the scourge and/or Orc inva­sions. It was trip­py to see peo­ple when they were young, that you end up fight­ing lat­er in the game (or even in War­craft III).

After all that. Aram went to turn in his key quest and anoth­er guildie (our raid leader) Thel asked if he want­ed to make a quick run into Kharazan. They fig­ured they could take the back­door entrance to fin­ish Thel’s quest he had. So they had me taga­long, since I had nev­er been there to see it as well.

Well, the back­door wouldn’t open for us. So we went in to kill Moroes so that per­haps it would.

Well, before we got to Moroes, we killed off the Hunts­man, who is pret­ty hard. And we did that no prob­lem, so our raid leader fig­ured if we could do that, we could do the whole thing, but we didn’t have time for it so we fig­ured we would fin­ish it up on Sun­day (today).

They nev­er did get the back­door to open, but the instance saves where you left off, so we came back on Sun­day and picked up some PUGs (pick up groups) to tag along for a bit more fire power.

So pret­ty

I have to say, see­ing all of Kharazan is very cool. It is a very beau­ti­ful­ly craft­ed instance.

I am very much into Lore. So see­ing this dun­geon was very cool. This tow­er was home to the Guardian Medi­vh. He is the pin­na­cle to the War­craft Games and how the Orcs came to be in Aze­roth, as well as the Dark Por­tal to Out­land. So see­ing the char­ac­ters from the Lore, is always very cool. And see­ing things that I read about, is very, very cool.

I took some screen shots, which I am includ­ing with this post so you can see the rich detail. I have to say, the Chess game was very cool.

Time to play!

Each char­ac­ter takes a chess piece and we get to con­trol the chess pieces. And move and fight the oth­er chess pieces. Bliz­zard did very well in cre­at­ing that lit­tle mini-game. And you can’t progress through the dun­geon, unless you take their king!

For being such a small look­ing tow­er on the out­side, this is a very large dun­geon. And its ver­ti­cal. Which is some­what dif­fer­ent. Most oth­er instances are very hor­i­zon­tal, but this is very much up stairs and around balconies.

It’s time for War­craft Idol!

I have been hav­ing a great time with the guild, and just love hang­ing out with the guys, hear­ing the ban­ter­ing back and forth on vent (even par­tak­ing in some) and just how relaxed they keep every­thing. No one “goes postal” because we wiped out. We laugh about it and then con­tin­ue on.

I even made the leap and trans­ferred my main char­ac­ter off of Khadgar and onto Light­bringer so that we would have a heal­er. Cause we have 5 guys for most of out stuff, we just need one of us to heal…and if that’s what the guild needs, I’m all for learn­ing how to play a new class (my sham­my has been an ele­men­tal, so I’ll make her restora­tion and see what we can do).

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