What hap­pened to neigh­bors being neighbroly?

I had some guests over Sat­ur­day for a small get togeth­er. And Yes, I wasn’t quite pay­ing atten­tion to where they park, Usu­al­ly my wife takes care of that and lets every­one know, I com­plete­ly forgot. 

Well, We had an issue with one of our neigh­bors on Christ­mas Eve, because some­one parked in front of an emp­ty lot next to her house that her son usu­al­ly parks in. Her son asked them to move and they did (although she will argue that they were rude, they were not).

Well, this time around, she just called the tow truck and didn’t even knock on my door until AFTER the tow truck was here (I think it was her family’s com­pa­ny). My per­son imme­di­ate­ly moved their vehicle. 

I tried to explain to her that she could have came to my door BEFORE she called the tow truck, which is a com­mon cour­tesy. She got very rude and agi­tate and wouldn’t let me explain and was improp­er­ly quot­ing the rules. She states because she warned my moth­er on Christ­mas eve that the next time it hap­pened she would tow the car. Okay, that was how many months ago? Peo­ple are prone to forget.

She feels that she can just call the cops/and threat­en to tow vehi­cles when­ev­er she wants. She is nev­er neighborly.

She also stat­ed she was going to call the police on me, for god only knows what. (OH! And my name is appar­ent­ly “brent”)

I was very cor­dial, until she kept cut­ting me off and I final­ly did tell her “Go to hell” and walked away. She just wasn’t lis­ten­ing any­more. She kept quot­ing the rules and I tried to tell her I know the rules. (work­ing on the Communications/Marketing Com­mit­tee here, I refor­mat­ted the entire rules! I can locate a rule in the rule book faster than you can call management!)

All my guests were shocked, because they have nev­er seen me that agi­tat­ed before. This lady just got on my last nerve. I was so embar­rassed that my guests had to wit­ness that whole fiasco.

After talk­ing with the “prop­er” chan­nels. I found out that she does­n’t have the right to just tow cars. That I could pros­e­cute if she ever did. She either would need to call man­age­ment or call the cops.

Also, one of my oth­er neigh­bros let my guest park in front of her house, cause she could here the whole thing and she want­ed to be “neigh­bor­ly”. She rocks!

Oy, what a weekend.

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