Got a lit­tle Cap­tain in ya?

This is only a test*. If this were a real blog, there would be more inter­est­ing infor­ma­tion here.

(The pho­to is Jason, Matt, Chris, Cam, Nate, Tony and Bert doing the Cap­tain’s pose up at the cab­in for the Twin’s grad­u­a­tion party.)

*I want­ed to blog my vaca­tion to TN, but with lim­it­ed access to inter­net, I could only con­nect on my iPod for inter­net and mail while in down­town Gatlin­burg. So, I could post a blog post, but I was­n’t sure what to do about pho­tos. But, if I load the pho­tos on my iPod, I can “email” them to my blog with a mes­sage. So I need­ed to test it first.

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