Last week my fam­i­ly went to the Kala­hari Resort in Wis­con­sin Dells.

I got off work ear­ly, because it was a slow night, and nabbed some Zzzz’s before we head­ed out at 8:00 a.m. on Wednes­day morn­ing. I did end up nap­ping in the car as well.

We got there around noon, but grabbed lunch at a Cul­vers to kill some­time. We could­n’t check in until 4 p.m., and our neigh­bors (whose idea it was to all go togeth­er) did­n’t leave until an hour behind us. So we all got to the resort at about 1-ish.

First, this place is mas­sive. It takes about 10–15 min­utes to walk from once side to the other.

Our room was ready, but our neigh­bors con­do, was not. So we unloaded and then met them at the indoor water park (again, anoth­er mas­sive area).

We played in the water for a few hours, then we all head­ed back to our room. to rest, relax and get ready for din­ner. Amy and I head­ed down to the lob­by area to do some shop­ping, check email (no wire­less in the rooms) and get some sweets.

We then head­ed back and gath­ered the kids and took them over to the con­do to our neigh­bors for dinner.

After that we head­ed back, set­tled in and watch “Night at the Muse­um” on the pay-per-view. Kids loved it. Then we went to bed.

Thurs­day we woke up, had some break­fast in the room (we brought stuff). Then went down­stairs and let the kids do some pot­tery paint­ing. Basi­cal­ly, you buy the unpaint­ed piece, paint it and then they glaze it, etc. So the kids each did a coast­er and Amy did a big pas­ta bowl.

We then went to the con­do for lunch, then Riley and I head­ed back to our room for his nap and my school work, while the rest went to a full day of swim­ming! I met up with them when Riley woke up, we then took a break for din­ner, then head­ed back for more swim­ming. Around 10:30 we went back to the room, order the new James Bond Movie, and Amy and I and the girls went down to a bar/restaurant with our neigh­bors for drinks and appe­tiz­ers. Then went back to our room to bed.

Fri­day morn­ing, we had break­fast at the “Great Karoo”, then packed up our room, head­ed down to the Game room (like a chuck-e-cheese), then picked up our pot­tery, the girls got a hair wrap braid done, and then we went home.

Before we head­ed home, we stopped and had dinner.

That was our trip. I will post pic­tures on here shortly!

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