So, I haven’t real­ly writ­ten in awhile. So I thought I bet­ter add some­thing, before the few read­ers I do have, decide to leave.

Hmm… where to start.

I go into it with my mom on Wednes­day night. I’m not gonna go into the whole thing, but basi­cal­ly it was about mon­ey and we cleared up some stuff I remind­ed her I am not a mind read­er. If she needs new clothes or some­thing, she needs to tell me so I van bud­get that in.

Ear­li­er in the day I got into with my sis­ter too. That I don’t want to talk about, but… well… yeah.

I’m am help­ing Dominic with his Pinewood der­by car. As soon as I have a chac­ne I will snap a pho­to and post a link to it. It is SWEET! We did a good job.

I showed him how to use spray paint, he picked out what decals and theme he want­ed and I got them print­ed for him. It is all white, with Red, White and Blue decales. On the side is this graph­ic we found that starts out as a bald eagle’s head then merges into blue and white flames. Very cool! He has RWB patri­ot­ic wings on the hood and his car num­ber on the top and back. Very stream­lined design. All we have to do is a few more coats of clear gloss enam­el and then attach the wheels. I have to find out if decals can go on the wheels. Prob­a­bly not though.

Fam­i­ly Christ­mas is at Amy’s sis­ters house up north. So, I still have a lot to do before I leave on Friday.

Been play­ing World of War­craft. I have three alts that are all at 25. I try to keep them all at the same lev­el. This way I will ahve three alts that all get to lev­el 60 at the same time! The expan­sion comes out next week! I so can’t wait! My main Ele­pha­ba will be lev­el­ing to 70 first. Then I wil ljump back to my alts. I just got­ta fig­ure out how I am gonna get her through the Dark Por­tal. I haven’t been there in awhile, so I am unsure if there is still a crap-load of lev­el 61–62 demons there.

What elese… Hope­ful­ly soon my scrap­book­ing arti­cle will be in the Wall Street Jour­nal. We will see. I did get my albums back and they did take some shots.

I fian­l­ly cat­a­logued my comics with this cool pro­gram that hasd a mas­sive library it con­nects too. I just had to enter in the issue num­ber! They also have one for books, games, movies, etc.

Speak­ing of books. I found a site called THIS PLACE IS COOL! They con­nect to and a few oth­er to com­pile this large online library. I cat­a­logued all my books in 45 min­utes. All I had to do was enter in the ISBN num­ber and I was done! Now I have a cat­a­loge online that I can access from any­where! And it lets me show you a few of my books in the side bar… very cool! Worth check­ing out if you have a lot of books!

Not much else for now… May write more when I am up north!

See you all later.

In my iPod (NEW…I even list why!)

  • Super­mod­el (There Ya Just Been Rocked Mix)…RuPaul: I love this ver­sion. It has 80s FUNK all over it. It starts out space-aged, then goes into some 80s kind of Rockin mix. So very RuPaul! “You Bet­ter Work Bitch. I have been play­ing this all night on Repeat. Thank god I am wear­ing hea­phones and Amy isn’t at my work. She would throw some­thing at me for play­ing it over and over again.
  • Aquarius…Special Edi­tion: I just love how this chick just belts it. And I can SO sing this song!
  • Body to Body…Cher: Makes me think of Amy. AND IT IS JUST SO DAMN DANCEABLE! If your qui­et, you can even catch Mikay­la danc­ing to this when I play it.
  • Take Me Out…Franz Fer­di­nand: I first heard this in Gui­tar Hero. I love the one place where it does this kaliedo­scope of notes. My fin­gers go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Real­ly fast. Its a cool song too!

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