If you know me, you should know what that title is from…my absolute FAVORITE Christ­mas Song.

Okay, you should know me pret­ty well…like fam­i­ly mem­ber well.

Any­ways, it isn’t Christ­mas unless I can hear that album… and for­tu­nate­ly for me, I have the orig­i­nal TV spe­cial that goes with it on VHS (that I hap­pened to con­vert to DVD last year!)

Don’t know how or when, but I know will meet again. Blowin back to some­hwere, like some wild rest­less win­ter’s wind.

Sor­ry, can you tell I am lis­ten­ing to it right now?

Tho the fire is hot, will just have to let it simmer

Every time I lis­ten to this song, I think of Amy. Actu­al­ly, any of those mushy kind of songs I think of my wife… You would think after being togeth­er for 10 years I would be over that… nope!

I have a feel­ing that I will be ram­bling in this post. It is 4:41 in the morn­ing and NOTHING to do at work…

CHRISTMAS… The snows comin down,
CHRISTMAS… I’m watchin it fall
CHRISTMAS… Lot’s of peo­ple around,
CHRISTMAS… Baby please come home

Sor­ry, anoth­er good Christ­mas song I like just came on. Ya know, I did­n’t used to like Christ­mas. Okay, I did…but only because I got presents. But then I met Amy. And she total­ly changed my atti­tude about it.

Okay, I still like get­ting presents the most. But just hav­ing the house dec­o­rat­ed, Christ­mas music play­ing, bak­ing cook­ies, mak­ing fudge…you can’t help but get into the spirit.

All I want for Christ­mas is you.…oooooooo Baby!

Hehe…I just got caught by a co-work­er rockin out to my Christ­mas music…I am just sit­tin here bop­pin my head away, like there is no tomorrow…hey, at least I am stay­ing awake! Unlike the rest of this week when I was sick…sick for 1.5 weeks!

Okay, back to my wife and Christmas…would you like to know what my most favoritest and mem­o­rable Christ­mas mem­o­ry is?

When I met Amy in ’97, it was around Octo­ber. We start­ed dat­ing in Novem­ber (Novem­ber 30 to be exact) and my Mom and I were the only ones you liked to dec­o­rate the house for Christmas.

My dad, the reg­u­lar scrooge when it came to dec­o­rat­ing (he liked the gift part) had us always put up dec­o­ra­tions on my mom’s birth­day (Dec. 16) and take them down the day after Christmas.

Not a whole lot of time to get into the Christ­mas mood.

Well, the year of 97 was pret­ty rough. I lost my job, my sis­ter was hav­ing per­son­al prob­lems, My mom was work­ing 3 jobs (found out lat­er to avoid my dad) and my life was very confusing.

So my mom and I were not going to dec­o­rate for Christ­mas. Add to that we did­n’t real­ly have mon­ey for gifts, so Christ­mas was pret­ty bleak. I was real­ly bummed out, because it was a tra­di­tion with my mom and I as we dec­o­rate the tree with orna­ments my sis­ter and I made through­out the years.

I don’t remem­ber the date, but I think it was in the begin­ning of Decem­ber, Amy, My mom and I were gonna go to the Mall of Amer­i­ca. Except I was real­ly sick that Sat­ur­day, so my mom and Amy were gonna go, while I rest­ed. I lit­er­al­ly slept the whole day.

Final­ly that evening, Amy comes into my room and wakes me up. The room is pitch black and I am just out of it and not sure what is happening.

She helps me to the door and I can’t fig­ure out why the hall­way is so dark, it can’t be that dark in my house (I am still in my bed­room at this point)…

So I start to walk into the hall­way and there is paper cov­er­ing my door! Turns out it is wrap­ping paper! So I open my “Gift”, which is the rest of my house and walk into the livingroom.

There is our Christ­mas tree, all decked out, dec­o­rat­ed. The rail­ing is all dec­o­rat­ed, the works. Top it off, there is presents under the tree too and a few of my friends are over as well!

Amy spent the day with my mom gath­er­ing my friends, buy­ing dec­o­ra­tions and presents and dec­o­rat­ing the house and wrap­ping gifts while I slept!

That was my favoritest Christ­mas ever! (Well, next to the shar­ing my chil­dren’s first Christmas’)

Isn’t she sweet. A year lat­er we find the actu­al presents she had bouht for me, but lost in the move to the mobile home in Hill­top. She bought me two Nike Brand Shirt and Boss Brand Jeans. The first actu­al brand name cloth­ing I ever had! I still have the jeans! I lost the shirts over the years.

Well, almost time for lunch for me…so I guess I should sign off now…

Have a Mer­ry Christ­mas all and a Hap­py New Year!

Oh, and in case you did­in’t fig­ure it out, here is my favorite album and the lyrics to my favorite song:

My Fav Album!

Dol­ly & Ken­ny’s Once Upon A Christmas

A Christ­mas to Remember

You’ve made this a Christ­mas to remember
Spring­time feel­in’s in the mid­dle of December
Strangers meet and will­ing­ly surrender
Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

Almost went to Aspen but some­thing told me no
I con­sid­ered Mam­moth but there was­n’t enough snow
And I even thought of Gatlin­burg, it seemed so far to go
So I head­ed up to Tahoe for a Christ­mas on the slopes

And I had fan­ta­sized about Christ­mas in this way
Curled up by a fire­place in a Tahoe ski chalet
With a fast talk­ing lover and some slow burn­ing wood
But even in my wildest dreams it nev­er got this good and

You’ve made this a Christ­mas to remember
Spring­time feel­in’s in the mid­dle of December
Change the radio and I’ll turn the lights down dimmer
Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

Strangers when we met, lovers as we leave
Christ­mas to remem­ber, too good to believe
Don’t know how or when, but I know we’ll meet again
blowin’ back to some­where like some wild rest­less win­ter’s wind

And you’ve made this a Christ­mas to remember
Spring­time feel­in’s in the mid­dle of December
Neath the mistle­toe you kissed me warm and tender
Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

We loved and laughed and played and joked
Sang Christ­mas songs and talked to folks
Sleighed the fields and skied the slopes
Then to the lodge for dinner
Now it’s time for us to go
As our hearts melt like chim­ney snow
There’s just one thing I want to know
Both: Can we do this next winter
Both: Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

You’ve made this a Christ­mas to remember
Spring­time feel­in’s in the mid­dle of December
Though the fire is hot, we’ll just have to let it simmer
Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

You’ve made this a Christ­mas to remem­ber (Dol­ly: I’m gonna remember)
Spring­time feel­in’s in the mid­dle of December
Though it’s cold out­side we’ll just stoke the burn­ing embers
Oh! What a Christ­mas to remember

Oth­er Favorite Christ­mas Albums are:
Mari­ah Carey’s Mer­ry Christmas

Celine Dion’s These are the Spe­cial Times

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