Okay, I fig­ure I should list the cute/funny things my kids say, before I for­get them and have a record. Plus, I am gonna need some blackmail.

When we lived in Hill­top, there was a ASIAN DELI that was behind our house, we would pass by there occa­sion­al­ly when we were able to enter our park through the back gate.

Around the time that mikay­la was learn­ing to iden­ti­fy let­ters, she would ask Amy what things said. So she asked Amy, “Mom­ma, what does that say”, Amy told her, “Asian Deli” but Tay­ta could­n’t hear her, so Amy yelled loud­er, “ASIAN DELI” and Tay­ta says right back to her in offense, “I’m not an Agent Smelly”. So ever since then, that has been the Agent Smelly place.

Tay­ta would say, “Zip­py Do Da Day” with this weird coun­try accent, that would crack us up.

Just the oth­er day, Grand­ma Cindy was watch­ing them while both Amy and I were out. Grand­ma said a not-so-very-nice word (not a swear word, some­thing like hell or damn) and Tay­ta told her, “Grand­ma, that is not a nice word” and Bud­dha leaned over to Tay­ta and said, “Grand­ma is old, so she does­n’t know any better.”

Bear had odd words for everything.

One time when her Aunt Jen­nifer was watch­ing her, Bear kept ask­ing for smell-sorals. Jen­nifer could­n’t fig­ure out what it was, and kept telling Bear that she did­n’t have any smell­so­rals, and Bear kept telling her that she did have smell­so­rals and told Court­ney the next time she was over she could have some.

So Bear kept talk­ing to Jen­nifer like she was insane and by this time Bear was bawl­ing. So final­ly Jen­nifer called Amy and asked her, “what in the world is smellsorals?”

Amy was at work and half pay­ing atten­tion, so she did­n’t know. So Jen­nifer put Bear on the phone and she told Amy that she want­ed Smell­so­rals. Jen­nifer got back on the phone and Amy told her that Bear want­ed Marsh­mel­lows. Amy had to hear Bear say it to know what it was!

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