Well, I think it is time for a baby update.

Riley is doing good. He is keep­ing mom on her toes. Lit­er­al­ly, her sacroil­i­ac joint is act­ing up and it is hard for her to sit or lay down. She is bor­row­ing her grand­moth­er’s lift-chair that her mom had.

She has had to stay off her feet. It seems that when she was preg­nant with Court­ney, she slipped and fell on her tail­bone. She dam­aged her joint and her doc­tors have nev­er done any­thing about it.

And none of the oth­er doc­tors ever looked into it. Of course, it nev­er hap­pened until the last two months of preg­nan­cy, so it was­n’t that big a deal. She just was giv­en bed rest and was fine.

But this time it start­ed up in her 14th week. So our new doc­tor was con­cerned and sent her to fam­i­ly prac­tice, which put her on Phys­i­cal Ther­a­py to cor­rect this. The PT was so pissed that the doc­tors nev­er looked into this, and was amazed that Amy was even able to walk.

So she goes in about once a week. We have anoth­er ultra­sound next week. Hope­ful­ly they can con­firm that we are hav­ing a boy. The first ultra­sound sure­ly shows some­thing, but there is still some doubt. So, hope­ful­ly we can put this to rest.

We have the crib now, the stroller, some clothes, a few toys, some stuffies. So we are get­tin ready.

I hon­est­ly can’t wait. I love being a dad. It is such a won­der to watch my kid grow up from these curi­ous depen­dent lit­tle things, to these inde­pen­dent — know it all — lit­tle peo­ple. But their my lit­tle know-it-alls.

Well, I should turn in for bed. Anoth­er round of edits on my cur­rent assignment.

I should go out­side and see if were flood­ed yet.


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