I am in bed right now, get­ting ready to hit the sack. Ya know how you always see the cou­ples on TV shows, and one is in bed with a lap­top work­ing. I always want­ed to do that. So I am.….except Amy is at Girl Scout camp this week.

Mon­day and Tues­day night I let the kids sleep in bed with me. I just can’t sleep alone. But Wed and Thurs night I am sleep­ing alone, I have to work, so I did­n’t want to wake the kids with an alarm.

Today was Mikay­la’s birth­day. My baby is 5. We drove up to the G.S. camp so she could share her day with mama and the oth­er Girl Scouts. Who absolute­ly adore Mikay­la, they all made cards.

I real­ly miss Amy. It sucks when she is gone so long. I real­ly hate it. Not only do I miss her, but I can’t sleep with­out her next to me.

But she will be back tomor­row, so that should­n’t be too bad.

Well, I should go to bed so I can get up in the morn­ing. I just want­ed to update my blog. I haven’t been doing that lately.

Cur­rent­ly in my iPod (which Amy has all week, so shall we say my laptop).…

  • Let’s get Loud… J‑Lo
  • Alka Yag­nik
  • Dol­ly Par­ton… old hits.

Have I men­tioned I LOVE my lap­top lately?

Hap­py Birth­day Mikayla!

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