A dig­i­tal scrap­book page I made.

I have real­ly want­ed to scrap book. I have so many pho­tos it is insane. But the thought of buy­ing all those sup­plies and then try­ing to find room for it and crap. Just was not appealing.

But, I have a new lap­top and I am a graph­ic design­er and have some real­ly nice design pro­grams. So why can’t I make scrap­book pages on the PC?

So I have scanned all my stamps that I have col­lect­ed and cer­tain stick­ers I found and stuff and I have been mak­ing some scrap­book pages on the computer.

Which, is real­ly nice, con­sid­er­ing the major­i­ty of my pho­tos are dig­i­tal. And I found a web­site that has down­load­able scrap­book pages.

So I am all set!

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