I am sure your think­ing.…“what is up with the title?”

Well, it hap­pens to be the song I am lis­ten­ing to right now. Queen Lat­i­fah’s Dana Owen album. Great songs.

Any­ways, I thought I would put up some more art­work. I am get­ting a lit­tle bit bet­ter with the wacom tablet. The hard part now is the brush­es in Painter IX. When I used to paint, I would just grab a brush that “looked” right. Not what it was made of, or its size.

Well, with painter, there is pic­ture of the brush as well as what it does and what size it is. So I have to use a tri­al-and-error approach until I learn them all.

Main­ly I have been using the Sim­ple Round Wash and the Run­ny Water Bris­tle brush. Espe­cial­ly with this piece. I would paint with the Sim­ple Round Wash and then go over it with the Run­ny Water Wash Bris­tle (with white) so that it would just use the col­or that is there and make it run­ny. And I used a bit of the Wet Sponge brush for the bushes.

Hope you like it.

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