I love tax time. Have I men­tioned that? I love shop­ping… no, I take that back, not shop­ping. I don’t call it shop­ping. I call it BUYING!

I got my new lap­top. Real­ly nice!

I can have up to 2 mon­i­tors con­nect­ed so I can use 3 mon­i­tors worth of desk­top space. Which for a design­er is great. I can have 3 sep­a­rate pro­grams going at once. (UPDATE: I was so wrong, I can­not use both of the mon­i­tor ports in the back at the same time in con­junc­tion with my lap­top screen. Dammit.)

I bought a ten-key for it (A numer­ic pad). Num­ber crunch­ing on that lit­tle line at the top of your key­board is hard to do when your used to a 10-key. I got my tiny lit­tle web cam. No audio which sucks. But since I am blue­tooth enabled I can get one of those wire­less head­phones! Got a blue­tooth mouse and a light/fan USB thingy.

We also got me new glass­es. My new ones are square. And my vision actu­al­ly improved. We bought a mini freez­er and pantry. More stor­age space. Got some new clothes.

We were look­ing at new wash­er and dry­ers but decid­ed to hold off on that for a while. We want some­thing that is a front load­ing set, but is water effi­cient and can do hand wash stuff. We also pur­chased a new phone sys­tem with expand­able hand­sets. Real­ly nice. I like em.

All in all every­thing is going okay for now. Still have to get the car fixed, and get a shed this sum­mer. But all the cred­it cards are paid off!

Blog ya later!

1 thought on “New toys

  1. Hey, you must have got­ten a wind­fall or some­thing. How, may I ask, did you pay off your cred­it cards and buy all that new stuff??? 

    Thanks for check­ing out my com­put­er. I just got a new wire­less key­board and mouse. I like them. One but­ton for a lot of things. My old one was get­ting worn out or some­thing, this new one real­ly types nice.

    Hey, can I call you to check out my lap­top?? It’s an old one and I want to see if it can be updat­ed or not?? Also, how hard is it to replace a hard dri­ve in a com­put­er?? Len’s com­put­er has a big prob­lem!! They say it’s soft­ware relat­ed which isn’t cov­ered under the war­ran­ty, but we think it’s the hard dri­ve. Maybe we need a com­put­er expert (YOU) to check it out!!!

    Well have a good one, and enjoy all your new things.

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