Well, I found out that you don’t want to cross my wife. 

I am not going to name names but lets just say that some peo­ple kind of “used” her because they don’t like deal­ing with the prob­lems in their own life and instead had her deal­ing with them. She final­ly had enough and told them all off. Which is rare for my wife.

Usu­al­ly she does­n’t like to cre­ate “waves” and usu­al­ly just com­plains to me about what is piss­ing her off. This time she had enough and told every­one she is DONE!

I was so proud of her, she had been let­ting every­one take advan­tage of her for far too long. She had to rearrange her sched­ule and dish out mon­ey for oth­ers and rarely got any­thing in return for it. She told them she has her own fam­i­ly to wor­ry about and is through tak­ing care of every­one’s family.

I love my wife. She is one strong woman and I don’t know what I would do with­out her!

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