I just have to rave. My wife is awesome.

I want­ed this exter­nal firewire Dou­ble lay­ered DVD-Burn­er for like $250. She said no, wait until the price comes down… so I whined and waited.

Well, I found a deal for a nor­mal DVD-burn­er Inter­nal that was $75 after a rebate. When I was at work, I called her to tell her about it, but could­n’t find it…BUT I found a bet­ter one that was $72 with­out a rebate and she let me buy it.

WELL! IT ROCKS. It is the DW822 by BenQ. It is a DVD-RW and I found out it is upgrade­able to the dou­ble-Lay­ered Discs that are com­ing out. All I have to do is down­load the Firmware that is com­ing out in like Sep­tem­ber for IT!!!! AND…

It came with a pro­gram that only works with this burn­er that will rewrite the Open Book code at the begin­ning of DVD+R and DVD+RW so that real­ly old DVD play­ers will read it as a DVD-ROM and play them. Too good to be true, but I tried it on Dominic’s DVD play­er (that used to be ours) and it would nev­er play a burned CD‑R disc, and it would­n’t play the DVD+R either, after I set this con­fig­u­ra­tion I tried a new DVD+R disc and it fired right up!

If you are think­ing about pur­chas­ing one…this is the one to get!!!!

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