Well, this day went by fast. We went to church. Had­n’t gone in awhile. I real­ly like Greg’s ser­mons. So I decid­ed to down­load what I missed here.

Then we had McD’s for lunch. Amy went to a 4‑hour freakin baby show­er. While I stayed with the kids and took some old LPs and put them on my PC. Like Loli­ta’s Sailor, Sailor, Fran­zl Lang, Amy Grant, Mic­ki, Joni, and Alvin & The Chip­munks for my sisters-in-law.

And now it is time for bed…Well maybe not. I think I will watch a movie. I bought Best Lit­tle Whore­house in Texas with Dol­ly Par­ton (My FAVORITE Movie) on DVD 2 months ago and still haven’t watch it yet!

Or I could watch Gothika, Cat in the Hat or Wrong Turn. Not sure yet. (Update 2010: I nev­er did ever watch Cat in the Hat.…to this date, I still haven’t)

Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear! (From BLWHiT!)

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